The company’s rebranding (a nod to the “metaverse” it intends to be and the hallmark of the multinational in the years to come), the reactions to the change were not too positive. And a recent study carried out in the United States by Morning Consult confirms that public opinion is not really very favorable either to rebranding or to the concept of the “metaverse” or even to Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Most People Are Not Interested in The “metaverse”

Although 55% of the adults consulted in their report by Morning Consult state. That they have a more or less favorable opinion of Facebook. The proportion of people who welcome the rebranding of the company is much smaller. Only a quarter of those CEO email address search consulted to give their approval to the name of Meta, while 4 out of 10 repudiate the name. Millennials are the most predisposed to have an unfavorable opinion of Meta, while Generation Z is the most benevolent with the rebranding of the company.

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Public opinion about Mark Zuckerberg is mostly unfavorable. 54% of people declare to have a more or less negative opinion about the founder of Facebook. Zuckerberg is particularly unfriendly to baby boomers. 62% look at Zuckerberg with resentment and only 16% have a favorable opinion of him. Despite how Promising Zuckerberg’s “metaverse”

Sounds on paper, the truth is that the concept generates more suspicion than anything else among the general public. 68% of people say they have no interest in this project. Although unfavorable opinion about the “metaverse” is overwhelming across all demographic groups. It is particularly conspicuous among women (73%) and baby boomers.

Although 36% of adults see the Meta name as a way to breathe new life into the Facebook brand. The majority believe that rebranding is primarily.

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