If there is one company that has benefited greatly from the pandemic, it is Zoom . In just a few months, the famous video calling application shot up to infinity and beyond in a market (once leveraged in a rather small niche) that starred in a real “boom” as a result of the underhanded restrictions on the coronavirus.

Although Zoom’s Business Model Includes Payment Plans

whose clients are the ones that fill the company’s coffers, it seems that the company also wants to take a cut from those who use the free version of its app (which are many) by inserting advertisements. The US company has kicked off a pilot advertising croatia mobile phone number example program through which it intends to continue providing support to users who benefit from its services free of charge without having to force them to checkout.

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In the first phase of this pilot program, ads will breakthrough only and exclusively on the browser page that Zoom free users see at the end of video calls.

Zoom Will Not Collect Data for Advertising Purposes During Video Calls

Additionally, ads at the end of meetings will currently only be shown in a few countries. Only if the meeting host is also a free user. After the launch of this pilot program, Zoom has had to update its privacy policy to reflect the changes brought. About by the appearance of ads on its platform. The company underlines in any case. That it will not collect information about the content of the video calls or the messages exchanged in them for promotional purposes and to display third-party advertising.

By integrating announcements at the end of meetings, Zoom wants to make them as unobtrusive as possible for the user. “We have carefully considered how to implement this pilot advertising program. And we have done so with the goal of ensuring user choice. Users will see a banner on the Zoom website with a link to our cookie management tool.

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