Zoom was unquestionably one of the big winners of the coronavirus crisis. Which catapulted the famous software for making video calls to the forefront. The American company continues to hit the growth spurt. But aware that we are probably witnessing the last throes of the pandemic, Zoom is already preparing for the post-Covid era that is already on the horizon.

During the last quarter, Zoom’s turnover jumped 191% to reach 956.2 million dollars. And the company’s profits grew to 227.4 million (far from the 27 million dollars of the first quarter of 2020). With its latest and bulky quarterly results, the company far exceeded the initial expectations of analysts and its titles were feted yesterday with a 3% growth in the stock markets.

Zoom Is Not Resting on Its Laurels

However, Zoom is not resting on its laurels and is already preparing for life after the pandemic. When the offices return to full capacity and teleworking is no longer the norm. Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, plans for the post-Covid future by looking Malaysia WhatsApp Number List beyond video calls. To focus on telephony services. And it seems that this new business division is extremely promising for the American company. Proof of this is that the consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark has recently contracted 25,000 telephony lines with Zoom.

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The fusion of video call and telephony services, the future that Zoom is holding on to like a straw
Kimberly-Clark prides itself on being one of the 21 clients with more than 10,000 contracted telephone lines that appear today in the Zoom portfolio. Yuan is convinced that video calls and voice telephony will be amalgamated into a single service in the future.

Zoom Also Prepares Investors for The Inevitable

That its growth curve (absolutely excessive in recent months) gradually flattens. Looking ahead to the current fiscal year as a whole, Kelly Steckelberg, Zoom’s CFO, predicts around 50% growth in sales to nearly $4 billion. Yuan is confident that life as we know it will not re-emerge on the horizon after the coronavirus and that a work model of a hybrid nature will prevail.

Originally intended to offer video calling services to businesses, Zoom gave its business a twist during the pandemic to also focus on individual users. Still, much of Zoom’s revenue is anchore by its corporate clients . During the last quarter the company gained approximately 30,000 corporate clients with more than 10 employees. And 63% of Zoom’s revenue today comes from its corporate clients (497,000 in total).

The “boom” led by Zoom in the last year has been parallel to the increase in its investment in marketing , which has led to a year-on-year growth of 84% to 191 million dollars.

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