Zoom was one of the platforms that play a key role during confinement. Teleworking and online classes forced companies to resort to this type of application to be able to continue their routines from a distance. This more business and educational nature has deeply permeated the company, which has announced the arrival of Zoom Events.

Those of Eric Yuan have moved to cover more ground in these areas and capture all kinds of meetings. In this way, Zoom Events is a comprehensive platform that will host interactive virtual conferences and events . This new tool, which will be available in the summer, will include functions with payment events and statistics, among others. Zoom Meetings, chat and video webinars are some of the elements that are already available in Zoom. And that will be combin with the new one that is to come.

The Benefits of Zoom Event

Among the advantages of Zoom Events we find that different aspects of the meetings can be managed. Customers who hire it will be able to create South Africa WhatsApp Number List all the events they need, segment talks, manage ticket sales and registration, or control access and billing from a single portal.

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All this through a ‘hub’ where Zoom itself will publish them. Building a kind of agenda that will be visible to everyone. This will depen on whether the organizer decides that they are private. Or if he prefers that they be publish in a public directory for others to discover. Events may be free, paid, single or serial. The ultimate goal is that those who hire this service have all the information ordered and complete . In this way they will be able to keep in touch with their followers or clients after the pandemic.

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