ORCID has two basic functions: on the one hand, it allows registration to obtain an identifier for Czechia Business Email List the user who requires it, and thus manage the registration of their activities; and on the other hand, the application programming interface (API) allows communication and authentication of the system. The code generated by this tool is available under an open source license, offering a public data file (CC0 license) to be downloaded annually for free. Czechia Business Email List The logs contain information such as name, email, organization, and research activities. Among the benefits of obtaining this identifier are: Assure researchers the association of their works with their authorship. Reduce the time in the identification and publication of their works. Allow the institution, funding agencies and publishers to keep track of their Czechia Business Email List scientific

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production and academic work. Reuse and integration of your data in the generation of CVs, Czechia Business Email List institutional repositories, appointment repositories, etc. Connect researchers with BEGINNING ABOUT US COMUNICAR MAGAZINE EDITORS CLUB ALFAMED NETWORK SEO in Science: Keywords and Thesaurus -Czechia Business Email List | January 10 2021 https://doi.org/10.3916/escuela-de-autores-171 Scientific journals prioritize the presentation of articles at an international level, from their internal, flexible and adaptable editorial format. In this structural dynamism of information, we find repeatedly the title, the identification of the authors, abstract and what is commonly known as keywords or keywords . Based on the Czechia Business Email List known multiple occupations of researchers and, e

Czechia Business Email List

specially the ‘time factor’, we must pay fundamental attention to keywords, Czechia Business Email List since together with the abstract and the title, they are the most consulted sections of the manuscripts. Scientific SEO: Why Spend Time Selecting Keywords? On many occasions, researchers spend minimal dedication to selecting appropriate keywords that identify the main questions of the study. This oversight can report, together with an unfortunate title and summary in Czechia Business Email List terms of writing and argumentative capacity, the invisibility and, consequently, minimal impact of our work in the international scientific literature . That is, no one finds our work. A good selection of keywords makes it possible to Czechia Business Email List identify

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