The internet is broken. Filter bubbles, myth traps and the Facebook scandals predominate. What started as a decentralized and democratic system is now controlled by a handful of large tech companies. We have become the product ourselves. We share our data masse with these companies, with all the negative consequences that entails. In my view, the internet is the most important technological revolution that we as humanity have seen. Will have an increasing impact on our daily lives in the coming years. But how can the weather become all of us?

What is Business Intelligence

Web3 is the next evolution of Internet taking care. The many problems it currently plagues. Data is against us Today’s web has turned out to be Kazakhstan Phone Number from how the inventors envisioned it, according to world wide web founder Tim Berners Lee . The goal of enabling people to find and connect information has certainly been but the same possibility has also major problems. With digital authoritarianism, data and information are being against us as citizens right now.

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The Understandable Answer

With the endless stream of scandals surrounding technology companies, but also the increasingly far-reaching digital transition of our society, the call for web3 is growing. In my view it will be much more than a flat version of the internet. Take a look at the insane role the Internet plays in all facets of our lives: from learning to love, from entertainment to confidence, from shopping to even living in the Metaverse. Then I see endless opportunities and possibilities.

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