You have worked hard to create some awesome content. Now what? How do you get your thought leadership pieces to your audience? To Slovenia Phone Number encourage consumption of your content, you want to promote. It to your prospect database, relevant customers, and those in your target demographic. Promotional channels include email campaigns. Events and social media. You may also want to do this through paid promotions. Including content Slovenia Phone Number syndication, Google AdWords, or other paid search marketing. Email sponsorships, newsletter sponsorships, and more. Promotion is the key to the success of your content campaigns. If others do not read what you have created.

It Will Not Help Slovenia Phone Number

Your company’s bottom line. Here are some tactics we use at Marketo to get more out. Of our content promotion: engage your influencers. Let bloggers, press, analysts, and other Slovenia Phone Number influencers know about your content so they can share. It with their followers via social media, blog posts, and more. A great way to get the attention of an influencer is to feature a quote. Interview in your content piece. That way, you are Slovenia Phone Number not only asking them to share a piece of content that only benefits you, it also benefits them. As they are featured as a thought leader. We work with our influencers. Very closely when launching a new content piece, particularly our large definitive guides. Ask them for some quotes on the quality of content.

Slovenia Phone Number

Then Use Those Quotes Slovenia Phone Number

Your promotions. Write a press release. If you are releasing a big new piece of content, a press release can really grab. The attention of both your Slovenia Phone Number readers and your influencers. However, be aware that press releases should only really be used for your high-value pieces. That is unique in some way. Have you just released an industry benchmark? Or have you created a high-value content piece that is unique enough to Slovenia Phone Number stand out? As an example, check out the press release. We did this for our definitive guide to social marketing. And if your content piece doesn’t. Command its own press release, and include it in another press release. That is focused on a related topic. Maybe you have a customer story that ties in nicely to the content. Or maybe you are trying to promote. A webinar series on the same topic.

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