were not evidenced through the declared techniques be exposed . Slovakia Email List In this sense, readers and reviewers are very grateful that the results are presented in the order in which the objectives and methods were explained, in order to be able to follow an ordered sequence. The structure and process of a good review | February One of the main keys to success in a scientific journal is the review Slovakia Email List process. For this reason, the Board of Reviewers plays a fundamental role in the quality of the publication. Hence, they require a level of qualification in the matter and experience in the validation process of the work Slovakia Email List that is sent in the manuscript. Although it has detractors, the peer review.

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system is a good way to authenticate and evaluate Slovakia Email List research. search editors helped to make decisions about the articles that come to the journal for publication, they also Slovakia Email List contribute to the improvement of the manuscript with the suggestions, comments and arguments raised by the reviewers. In this sense, each to carry out a critical, honest, rigorous, constructive validation / Slovakia Email List evaluation without biases or subjective perceptions. This review implies an in-depth reading and an estimate of the quality and scientific Slovakia Email List solvency, as well as

Slovakia Email List

the style of the writing based on the conventions of the field of research being addressed. Slovakia Email List The review process can be considered from various options , highlighting: Single-blind peer review, so that the names of the reviewers are hidden, but they do know the name of the author. This anonymity allows for an impartial assessment and can also facilitate Slovakia Email List being more critical or demanding. Double-blind peer review, in which both the reviewers and the author are anonymous. This model presupposes greater objectivity. As the author is not known, the bias is more difficult. There is the possibility of anonymization of the manuscripts in the Slovakia Email List first phase, also for the Editor,

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