can help us to carry out this process automatically and, only at the end, Belgium WhatsApp Number List make some adjustments according to the modifications of each journal .The key ideas of a scientific article constitute a simplified list of the most relevant contributions and results that serve as the basis for the Belgium WhatsApp Number List argumentation of the manuscript presented by the author , what is really original and novel to the scientific community and that deserves the It is worth being highlighted in a special way without having to read the entire text. It is about marking, highlighting and highlighting what is most important, directing the attention of Belgium WhatsApp Number List our readers as if we were using a highlighter. Key ideas Sometimes it

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happens that the authors confuse the “highlights” or key ideas Belgium WhatsApp Number List with an adapted version of the summary or abstract, when in reality they have nothing to do with it. While the abstract presents a synthesis of the research: context, objectives, methodology, results and conclusions, Belgium WhatsApp Number List the key ideas highlight in a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 80 words the most substantial contributions that the research makes to the scientific community. The fundamental objective of these key ideas is to Belgium WhatsApp Number List make visible the academic value of the research presented, allowing the interested public to

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quickly know the interest of the article, its main contributions Belgium WhatsApp Number List and its novelty within the field of knowledge in which it is developed. It is a complementary section to the abstract of the article that introduces elements of knowledge about the content of the article in an agile way, Belgium WhatsApp Number List making the researcher’s searches in the different databases more efficient. The position of the key ideas is determined by the regulations of each journal, there are journals that mark the need to include these ideas in a separate Belgium WhatsApp Number List file, however, others invite the author to include them at the end of the text itself,

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