Although there are certain limits. The more we change the order of these elements, the more complex the navigation and understanding of this page will become, which will hopelessly reduce the number of users able to navigate that page. This does not mean that we always have to make all the structures the same, only that we must take into account our target audience before designing the page.More effective brand design steps Celia Cerrillo Celia Cerrillo July 22, 2021 12:37:33 CEST.

If you have a business, you will know how important it is to design your brand and the corporate entity of your company. Would you like to know how to buildway? We tell you! What is brand design and corporate image ? Surely on Argentina whatsapp number list more than one occasion it has happened to you that, when you know a brand, you end up recognizing its logo anywhere, its typography and even its most representative colors. This is because that brand has chosen a good brand design, so that your brain ends up identifying it anywhere. Although it may seem like an insignificant thing.

Working on Our Brand Design

is a fundamental aspect to constitute the identity of our company. Brand design or branding is a concept that encompasses several elements and whose mission is to give a defined and personalized identity to the brand, therefore related to visual corporate identity. This process goes from choosing a name for our company to choosing the color of the logo, the typography design, the slogan. Therefore, all the details, whether large or small, go through trying to build the identity of our brand. It is important, therefore, to work on the design of our brand consciously and very calmly.

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Both the commercial name, as well as the colors or logos, even the fonts that are chosen, will be part of the global image that the company projects to customers. Although the purpose of building a good brand image is to stand out above our competition, we must also provide the company with its own values ​​and philosophy, which it is recommended that they coincide with those of its target. What elements make up the brand design? Logo: As we mentioned at the beginning.

The Colors of the Company

it is the first impression that users have of our brand. To define the logo we can resort to the famous phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. That’s right, with the logo we have to make an impact. On the user and that he ends up remembering us. In addition, you have to think about the applications it will have. There will be a main logo with. But it will also be necessary to make the versions in negative, in gray scale.  Reduced for smaller formats or even in a single ink to be able to put it on stamps or vinyl.

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