You will have to focus on the audience you are addressing. Who are they? What do you like? Form of writing attracts them the most? What types of content do you prefer? To find out, you just have to experiment with some posts and investigate or define who you want to be target audiences. Once you define your target audience, it is important that you draw a media plan for your business, where you clearly expose which traditional channels (outbound marketing) and digital (inbound marketing) you have to give visibility to your blog. One of the most effective channels to promote your content is email marketing.

You can send a newsletter every time you publish new content so that your audience never misses it. you can even connect your blog with email to automate this process and send an automatic campaign every time you post a new post. Escribe guest post The guest post, or guest items, consist of write a post on someone else’s blog in order to get links to your blog in order to increase visits. Furthermore, another essential objective is that a user who liked this post visit your blog to see more similar content. For this technique to be effective, it is necessary to write high-quality articles addressing a theme that relates the interests of both blogs.

Consumers In All

Writing a guest post when you are Indonesia whatsapp number list  is an even more important point if possible to reinforce your SEO strategy, specifically that of SEO Off-Page, because you get a backlink quality. Use social networks The social networks are one of the largest sources of traffic today, which makes them a perfect channel to promote your blog. You can create profiles on social networks to create anticipation before uploading something new, interact with users to better understand their tastes and get more visitors, as well as keep your community up to date with blog updates with a weekly or monthly newsletter. You can even advertise on social media if you can afford it.


Some of the most recommended for blogs are: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook y Twitter. Be active in the community It’s not just about participate in other blogs and comment on the content of other bloggers, but there are many groups on social networks, forums and others about the blogger community and it can be very useful to networking, working with other blogs, making yourself known, etc. Hopefully promoting other websites and blogs will return the favor without asking for anything in return. Provide quality external links If you want to give good content, be sure to contribute something useful to readerseven if it means mention other external pages or other blogs, since this way users will know that they can turn to you for being a reliable source and facilitating the user experience.

Them That Way

Create original multimedia content If possible, create your own image and video content. It will give you much more credibility and it will be much easier to share on social networks. For example, on Pinterest you can link blog posts, and on. YouTube you can comment on the content of a post for those who prefer visual support in articles. Ultimately, there are tons of techniques and methods to promote a blog. And many places on the internet where to promote your blog as we have seen throughout the article. While these are just a few of the many techniques out there, they are some of the most effective when you ask yourself how to publicize a blog.

Surely you already have an idea of what a web domain is. Although you may not know some factors that you should take into account when creating one. The name of your website directly influences the success of your brand. So choosing the right domain is the first step to craft an effective marketing strategy. In this article we will analyze how to choose and create a perfect web domain for your business. What is a domain The first thing you have to ask yourself. Is if you really know what an Internet domain is and what it is made of. Well, the domain is the name received by the web page of a brand. Is absolutely exclusive for each website and is composed of the name of the page plus. The domain extension (it is common confuse him with hosting in hospedaje).

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