Canva offers appropriate dimensions for the purpose of your design (e.g. for flyers, presentations, or social posts), both in pixels and in centimeters and millimeters. The tool can be used not only as an app but also completely online, so that you need much less storage space for the program and your work files. Why do we use this program a lot? You can use Canva for business content for almost any purpose. Below I list 8 typical business designs that are easy to design with Canva.

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Using Canva for Business Presentations PowerPoint is out, Canva is in. If you still use PowerPoint for your presentations, you miss out on so many Hungary Phone Number options. In Canva you can use all kinds of beautiful photos, videos, sounds, (moving) stickers, and much more. Moreover, there are endless templates to choose from compared to the standard presentation programs. Tip: If a client, colleague, or supervisor insists that they receive your creation as a PowerPoint file, you can download the Canva presentation as a .pptx file.

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Design business infographics in Canva Do you have interesting research results, annual figures, or other information? Make them visual with infographics. This makes the information clearer and more attractive to readers. Using Canva for company, market, or other information is easy due to the many template suggestions. For example, there is one infographic format (800 x 2000 pixels), and no fewer than 9 infographic templates, including a comparison infographic, art infographic, and education-related infographic.

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