Sampietro has already commented on the consolidated trends in the luxury sector after the pandemic, but what will happen in the short, medium and long term? His response has focused on the evolution of digitization to a high number of trends. Even so, the important thing for Sampietro is that prior analysis that has to be given by the level of digitization of the brand, as well as its objectives in the different deadlines, the content capabilities to associate with each of them and the international commitment.

Once Said Analysis Is Favorable

We enter into more specific trends such as the consolidation of e-commerce linked to the personalization of impacts, 5G as a facilitator in data agility, deep learning that will allow us to go beyond the reactive, the arrival of e-sports to conquer young Paraguay B2B list targets, the consolidation of audio or the establishment of the podcast. In short, we find ourselves in a paradigm where media digitization not only found in the purchase model. But also in audiences and the part of branded content as an experiential opportunity.

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Social Networks Could Not Miss This Speech

Their growth has been incredible in recent years and they are still expanding their reign. ” The minutes in them do not stop growing. This makes it linked to the new activities that done “, explains Sampietro. To which he adds that «They will be the facilitator of information and the nearest future for e-commerce».

For its part, PM Luxe has the objectives set for this 2021 . It will be the year of the continuation of management within the agency, where everything will change. “Phygitalization this year will be the challenge both in the short and long term. Our history goes from defense to conquest and the objective is to guarantee leadership”, concludes Sampietro.

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