For longer texts, make short and clear paragraphs. Offer these per paragraph. Be aware that the reader does not always have sufficient (prior) knowledge. You can solve this by creating a link with ‘What is…?’ to explain the concept. Share the information as concretely as possible. You can do this with a ‘more explanation’ button. An example Not: Thank you for your form, we will inform you within 4 weeks whether you are eligible for benefits. But: Thank you for your form. We are going to read your form. We will then discuss whether you can receive a benefit. You can only receive a benefit if: List of requirements/a button with ‘Read the requirements here.

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We will let you know within 4 weeks whether you will receive a benefit. We do this by e-mail/letter/conversation. 2. Write even easier than at B1 level In previous articles on Iran Phone Number you can read how to write clear texts at B1 level . For people with an MID it needs to be one step simpler, namely at A2 level. Below are some guidelines: General Only state the main issues: it is difficult for this target group to distinguish between main and side issues. Keep the text short: the target audience’s attention span is often short. Make short sentences (use 7 to 9 words) and always use the same sentence structure. One topic or idea per sentence (so no subclauses).

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When choosing your words, keep the following in mind Use words from everyday life, so no difficult words or abstractions. Can’t it be otherwise? Then explain these words. Choose words that you would also use to a 10-year-old. Don’t use imagery. People with MID often tend to take words literally. Avoid words with more than three syllables unless they are commonplace (for example, “toothbrush”). Do not use more than one adverb (that, this, that, there) per sentence. Use positive language, not ‘It’s not easy’, but ‘It’s difficult’. Avoid redundant sentences or words such as different, determined or diverse: they distract from the core you want to communicate. Use words consistently, so no synonyms, even if you repeat yourself.

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