This NFT restaurant, founded by Gary Vaynerchuk among others , sold membership cards needed to get in at all. People can opt for the ‘Flyish’ (FF) token, which gives you access to the events, outdoor lounge, cocktail lounge and main dining room. Do you have money to spare and want an even more exclusive experience? Then you buy the Flyfish Omakase (FFO) token. With that you can also visit the Omakase room, where sushi is served by the best sushi master in America. You probably understand that this mix of curiosity and desires forms the perfect foundation of this company. If you have the money, why not try the sushi in the Omakase room?

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What makes such a membership different from what companies could already offer? Well, that the NFT is a membership. This means that someone changes from ‘member’ to a shareholder. You can now suddenly resell such a membership card if Hong Kong Phone Number no longer feel like the sushi from the Omakase room. According to the Flyfish Club website, you can even “lease” the token on the secondary market. In short, your customers can become investors in you! 2. Collector’s Item Turn your members into collectors. Let’s face it, most companies aren’t going to sell $10,000 expensive memberships. Imagine.

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Your average customer is more likely to pay 100 euros for such a token. Yet you can also offer additional experiences here. Turn your NFTs into collectables. People not only want to belong, but also have a natural collecting urge (which has to be satisfied). You can use that. First, think about whether this strategy fits the identity of your brand. I see a catering business easily getting started with unique NFT collectibles. A bike shop may have more trouble getting its customers to buy NFTs. On the other hand, you can think of plenty of ways to make this worthwhile. A practical example seems to me to be the best illustration of this strategy.

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