Content marketing is nothing new, but its role is. A successful online marketing strategy has continued to increase. Over the past number of Shandong Mobile Phone Number List years. With google’s recent updates (panda & penguin). Making great content is a critical part of any brand’s SEO strategy. The rush to build winning content marketing campaigns has never been greater. But what are some of the key steps to a successful content Shandong Mobile Phone Number List marketing campaign? 1. Mapped against business goals it’s important that. Any content marketing campaign you develop. A strategy is mapped against core business goals. For example, I want to increase our traffic by. X% is not a core business goal.

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Sales of product x is a specific business goal. Content marketing campaigns can be targeted at. The entire customer lifecycle or the individual Shandong Mobile Phone Number List parts of that lifecycle e.G. Awareness, acquisition, service, loyalty, retention. For example, you may have a blog that is categorized to meet the different needs of your readers, with a category for posts that are full of actionable tips for potential customers and another with posts announcing. The latest company roadmap or new features for existing customers. How these business goals are mapped against the customer lifecycle is captured by this infographic. Put together by the guys over at the content marketing institute: 2. Target audience persona development helps you understand.

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Who Your Audience Shandong Mobile Phone Number List

What are their pain points and what type of content do they like to consume? You can then map this against the type of content assets you develop. Persona Shandong Mobile Phone Number Lists development could take months or days. Depending on how comprehensive you need it to be. There are a number of places you can start to gather data to help build personas for you. Content marketing campaigns, some of these are more manual than Shandong Mobile Phone Number List others. A. Social media tools there are a bunch of social media tools. Can help gather data for your personas? Some of these tools require more manual effort than others. For example. You can use tools like topsy and implicate to find people. Who is sharing content around a topic that is relevant to you?

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