A new marketplace for creators: Facebook’s next plan to please brands These are some ideas so you can develop your B2B (Business to business) strategy and manage to attract more customers. Before talking about the tactics to improve customer acquisition with business-to-business sales . it is necessary to explain what is the B2B strategy in marketing. For example. something key must be said: that this type of marketing planning seeks more solid and permanent relationships over time with customers than B2C ( business-to-consumers ). In a B2B strategy. decisions are made more rationally.

The campaign focuses on the real and palpable benefits of the products or services offered. and not so much on the side of emotions. That’s right. there is talk of “efficiency” and “improving productivity”. and not so much (or not at all) of “inspiration” in campaigns. It aims to “denote” and not to “connote”. as in the classic marketing strategies focused on more traditional advertising. B2B businesses tend to have a smaller volume of customers. true. but with much larger proportionate purchase amounts. As we said at the beginning. in B2B sales the objective that is set is for a longer term than in a B2C strategy.

The First Thing To

Do in a B2B marketing strategy is to Egypt whatsapp number list  that you are dealing with this type of customer relationship. It is key to be able to identify this situation and then focus efforts on defining an advertising communication that adapts to the target market that is being addressed. both in the forms of language. in the ways and in the contact channel. Targeting a business is not the same as targeting an end customer. 1. Initial step for your B2B strategy The initial step is to define the target audience: it is vital to make a precise definition and classify the target. in order to know what they need and when they will need your product or service.


Only then will you be able to focus your strategy and communication class more effectively. Likewise. you must create a costumer journey . the design thinking tool that allows mapping each stage of a customer’s purchase. From the initial interaction to the contact channels. It is the so-called “customer journey”. In B2B it is key because the same communication should not be delivered to a client who has just learned about what you are selling than to one who already knows you from previous purchases. B2B: which is the way B2B: which is the way 2.

Resource Optimization

Your marketing team and your sales people must work in tune and in the same direction. If there is no fluid communication between both teams. the results of your B2B strategy will be poor. There are no doubts in that. This is vital to optimize each of the campaigns and to achieve a segmentation of your audiences. The two teams together will be able to define what kind. Of communication is needed and through which channels it works best. Record this: the effectiveness of a B2B campaign will only be possible if marketing and sales work together. 3. Strategy Carry out your own personal and creative communication strategy. Many of the B2C strategies work. but refocused.

You can send newsletters to contact networks that are segment according. To the type of lead you want to target. keep social networks very active and develop excellent customer service. However. in all cases. he thinks that campaigns should target business audiences . Which are not the same as final consumers. Segment. segment. segment. Always. 4. Tools to attract B2B clients There are many digital tools available and use them skillfully. Web page. The corporate website is vital for a B2B strategy. It is the window of your business. It does not matter if the visits are few.

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