During the half-time break of the two games. A video will be shown about the work carried out on the African continent. For his part. the president of the team. José Carlos Peres . Explained the initiative: “The photo of the African boy with the Santos FC shirt touched us all. That is why we thought of an action that would be effective and that spreads the work that the NGO is doing. We want to mobilize fans to make the largest financial donation possible.” Although the team joined a trend; Santos FC developed a strategy based on a circumstantial factor (the child’s shirt) to connect sentimentally with the fan. The sports teams have the purpose of hooking with their followers from the heart (Lovemark) in principle of accounts for their results in their respective disciplines.

In Mexico. the Mexican Soccer League is worth 550 million dollars. Chivas has once again become the team with the highest percentage of fans in Mexico . With 21.7 percent of the votes. According to the annual survey by Consulta Mitofsky “The Fan of Soccer in Mexico 2018”. El Rebaño is number one in terms of popularity in the country. surpassing América and thus demonstrating the support that his fans maintain despite the recent results. With 20.9 percent. the azulcremas occupy the second position in terms of favoritism of soccer fans in our country; however. Contrary to the rojiblanco team. the azulcrema club suffered a decrease in support of 3.5 percent compared to 2017. a fact that allowed its rival to surpass it. Being the squad with the most fans. The brands that appear on the jersey are the winners of Liga MX.

France And Croatia Next Sunday

In this tournament. the rojiblancos Bahamas whatsapp number list  integrate Akron. Telcel. Tecate. Sello Rojo. Coca-Cola. Gran Vita. Seytú and the one in charge of the uniforms: Puma. All distributed differently in the female and male uniform. The presentation. Traditionally spectacular. was made with a replica of the popular Minerva.The Russia 2018 mascot. Zabivaka . has become a highly desired object for thieves. as two statues of the friendly wolf have been stolen in St. Petersburg in just a few days. The police of that city reported on Tuesday the disappearance of the second statue of the mascot. Almost two meters high. one day after learning of the disappearance of his “brother”. Which occurred last week. “They have just filed a complaint about the robbery.” a police spokesman told the local press.


The second figure was located in the Plaza de San Petesburgo and the authorities do not explain how they could take it away without anyone knowing. On Monday the authorities reported the disappearance of another statue from the Kurortni neighborhood . On the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Of a figure of the official mascot of the World Cup also almost two meters high. According to official sources. At the scene of the theft ” there were no surveillance cameras” . Which makes it difficult to identify the perpetrator of the crime and it is also not known at what exact moment they took her. The value of both lost statues amounts to 700 thousand rubles. About 11 thousand dollars .

In The Final Between

A third statue of the mascot. Placed in the Kurortni neighborhood on the eve of the World Cup . will now be moved to a safer place to avoid the fate of the first two. The Zabivaka wolf was chosen as the official mascot of the 2018 World Cup in Russia . After obtaining the most votes in 2016. between the Siberian tiger and the common cat. In addition to being one of the most popular characters in Russian children’s stories since time immemorial. The wolf is the protagonist of one of the best-known cartoons in this country. Russia chose the famous Misha bear for the Moscow Olympics (1980) and for the Sochi Winter Games in 2014 it opted for a Solomonic decision: the polar bear. The snow leopard and the hare. Throughout the history of World Cups there have been mascots of all kinds. from children to oranges.

Soccer stopped being just a sport to become an advertising industry where a large number of factors come together around the ball. Fashion is one of them; For some time now. Team trips have been part of the content that is uploaded to social networks. An important occasion for alliances between these two sectors to be detonated. In such a way that the North American designer Thom Browne will be in charge of dressing the Barcelona players during the next three seasons. for this. The models that the soccer players will use. which will be of tight jackets and shorts. Browne will be the official supplier of the formal suits and uniforms Worn off the pitch for both LaLiga away matches and Champions League fixtures. Although the alliance is not new for the brand. since basketball player LeBron James uses its products..

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