but also the number of citations, has become a priority task for university professors / UAE Mobile Number Database researchers and more or less effective strategies have been outlined, and even more. or less ethical. In the case of this writing, of course, we will focus on the most ethical and efficient ones that, although the references do not appear, the advice g UAE Mobile Number Database iven is based on scientific evidence and can be verified with a quick search in Google Scholar. In addition, many of them have already been addressed in previous entries in the School of Authors of Communicating (this own blog), which with a glance at the ” published entries ” you can UAE Mobile Number Database easily find. Anyway, before going to the advice, it is VERY important to

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highlight that the first thing before thinking about the article and its UAE Mobile Number Database citations, is to carry out quality research, rigorous in scientific, ethical, pertinent, justified, feasible and original terms. and everything else will be easier. It is true that the citations to an article could strongly depend on the visibility, rather than the real merit of the UAE Mobile Number Database research, but this cannot tempt us to carry out a banal investigation, with the simple objective of increasing the number of articles and citations. Some advices: Use a unique name (identifier) ​​in all your publications, both academic and outreach. If the name is very common,UAE Mobile Number Database consider adding a second surname or a combined strategy using the middle hyphen,

UAE Mobile Number Database

as already advised on this blog itself. Use a standardized UAE Mobile Number Database institutional affiliation, avoiding abbreviations and acronyms. The contact details provided in the publications are essential so that researchers can get in touch directly for questions, additional information, and discussions about the research. Create some phrases and keywords from your study and UAE Mobile Number Database repeat them in your post abstract, naturally, without too much force. Since search engines and citation trackers mostly search abstracts and repeating keywords increases the chance that your article will be retrieved. Try to keep these keywords UAE Mobile Number Database and phrases specific and reflect the essentials about the document.

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