to explain a process (flow charts). In this way, we will achieve an Pakistan Email List efficient transmission of information, taking advantage of the advantages of each language and avoiding contradictions and redundancy. How to write a good scientific literature review? Luis-Miguel Romero | Pakistan Email List April More than 4 years ago, at the dawn of this blog of the School of Authors of the Comunicar Magazine, we had already Pakistan Email List advanced in the post ” Reading: the first task ” that one of the most frequent errors prior to the research process was the lack of reading of other research related to the object of study. This “lack” can manifest Pakistan Email List itself in two ways: 1. Due to insufficient references and 2. Due to document discrimination.

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The first case occurs when a researcher does not Pakistan Email List perform an adequate, wide and sufficient search for scientific documents, or simply settles for a few materials (Pakistan Email List sometimes out of date and out of context) to support their research. The second case, even more common, Pakistan Email List occurs when the search for scientific documents is done only using search engines (such as Google, Google Scholar or Bing), or local and regional repositories and databases, even with search terms only in Spanish. In this order Pakistan Email List of ideas, to correctly carry out a literature review, the researcher must first know their topic ,

Pakistan Email List

be an interested reader of it, know their references, their historical journey, Pakistan Email List their main representatives and references and, of course, the top journals of the world. area. Secondly, the researcher must know the search terms (in English, the lingua franca of the research) that are most suitable, relevant and used to refer to the topic they wish to search for. For example, it is Pakistan Email List common to find new researchers who search databases with keywords that have nothing to do with their topic, but are literal translations of the term in Spanish. With the specified search terms, the researcher must know how searches Pakistan Email List are carried out in international reference databases (Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed …)

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