with some emerging theme , a vein of knowledge Rwanda Email List that does not have to be new, but is novel, so the central theme of the manuscript has to be valuable and relevant, that is, Rwanda Email List be of interest to the international scientific community. A recommendation would be to respond to the response to a Call from the magazine, following the theme that it proposes. Parallel to this first reason, Rwanda Email List we must bear in mind that the article submitted must be original , that is, novel in such a way that the editors find it interesting and that it contributes something new to the field of study that justifies its publication in the journal. . Rwanda Email List The relevance of the topic is one of the aspects considered by the editorial teams.

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(and the reviewers) of the journals. A third reason would abound in the Rwanda Email List importance of metadata (title, abstract and keywords). These have to be correctly selected and written, adjusted to the number of characters (title), extension in number of words (abstract and keywords) Rwanda Email List indicated by the journal (which usually follow the characteristics of the specialty in which they operate) and Above all, that the abstract clearly shows the reason and objective of the research, the methodology used in this, the most outstanding results that have been obtained, as well as the main conclusions. The fourth Rwanda Email List would focus on the need for the manuscript to be correctly structured and written,

Rwanda Email List

so that it contains all the necessary elements to be considered scientific writing and these are developed correctly without repetition of ideas or lack of elements. The article Rwanda Email List must be correctly written, it is necessary to insist that the scientific writing has to be: precise, clear and brief, and that the ideas have to be presented in an orderly, concise and fluent Rwanda Email List way, so as to avoid language “Complicated” and difficult (it goes without saying that it must not have grammatical errors) and sufficient argumentation capacity is demonstrated. Here we cannot forget the need for tables and figures to be correctly made, Rwanda Email List as well as their numbering and legend, and that they adjust, if so indicated,

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