Who have little digital knowledge because they spend little time online? Although it may be the case, the truth is that using the mobile for a large number of hours.

This is due, in principle, to the fact that this long period of time would be an attraction when choosing the victims. This, at least, is confirmed by a study carried out by researchers from the University of Oviedo, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

A Predictor of Cyberattack Victimization

The work is based on the theory of routine lifestyle activities. “People at higher risk of becoming email leads for sale victims are more likely to have lifestyles that consist of spending more time in public (especially at night) and away from family and being close to high-risk groups,” the researchers explain. This means that the decision to attack one person or another would depend, to a certain extent, on their lifestyle.

Email Database

The probability of suffering cyberattacks Greater abuse of this technology implies greater exposure to the digital environment. Therefore, to cyber criminals, who find security gaps. But it does not stop there, since it offers more possibilities to coincide in space and time with a cybercriminal, becoming a potential victim.

This Direct Effect Is Particularly Relevant

“The results of the study allowed us to identify smartphone addiction as an important predictor of cybercrime victimization,” they state. “This effect is important and occurs in two ways. It affects indirect effects and directly influences cybercrime victimization (direct effect). This direct effect is particularly relevant, since it suggests that users.

Knowing this will help in the early detection of groups vulnerable to cybercrime . “Knowing these variables allows us to design more specific detection strategies.

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