which enriches the work. It helps us to contextualize the Spain Phone Number List work for a larger audience , providing the theoretical aspects of two different regions. In the case of Anglo-Saxon authors , they facilitate the publication of their work in high-impact journals , an eminently Anglo-Saxon “Spain Phone Number List market” and which is therefore closer to and known to our co-author. Once the article is published, its visibility increases , since it adds its social contacts to the target audience, complementing its own. For these and other reasons, it is advisable to collaborate internationally, but we must be aware that carrying out Spain Phone Number List works in co-authorship , and more in international co-authorship, add complexity.

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to the process and require a greater investment of energy , Spain Phone Number List since we will have less fluid communication with the co-authors and mediated by a language that is not our own, in addition to not knowing the personal context of the person with whom we are working, that is, we lose some control over the work process .Although one of the parts in which a scientific manuscript is structured, as reflected in the Spain Phone Number List format (Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion) for the organization of the scientific article among researchers, is the Discussion, too often we find that this is omitted. And we are not only talking about Final Spain Phone Number List Master’s Thesis, Degree or other research reports,

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where it rarely appears, but in many of the research articles that are Spain Phone Number List subjected to evaluation in scientific journals. All articles that present the results of an investigation must end in a section for discussion of results and conclusions. These sections of the article should not be Spain Phone Number List confused as they answer three clear questions, what was found? For the Results section, what is the meaning of what I found? When we are referring to the Discussion section and what are the most important findings of our work? We should not confuse the discussion of the results with the conclusions, since they answer two Spain Phone Number List different questions.

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