With the rise of e-commerce and the explosion of online commerce, there are more brands that decide to bet on this type of sales space. Companies like Takana have become involved in this new scenario to help and advise brands and manufacturers to sell on marketplaces like Amazon or AliExpress. The question is, should we focus on these two giants of online sales? Yesterday afternoon professionals specialized in this type of scenario met at ClubHouse to answer the question.

The Meeting, Organized by Marketing Directo Together with Takana

Sergio Martín , RTVE journalist, together with Majé López, communication expert; and Javier Piedrahita , CEO & Founder of MarketingDirecto. All of them gave way to a round table that was attended by J. J Delgado , CDO of Estrella Galica; Emilio Marquez , CEO of La Latina Valley; Pepe Chamorro , CEO of Habitant; David Vaquerizo , Managing Director of Dominica B2B list Takana; Sergio Núñez , Partner manager at Pinterest; Mariano Silveyra , VP of Public Affairs at Cabify; Julia Chiari, Regional Manager and Social Commerce & Innovation at Alibaba Group; Hernán Gimeno , Business, Developer Iberia at Mirakl.

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The experts met at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the future of marketplaces and the position of e-commerce in this digital reality. And it is that the paradigm observes many vendors with problems when launching their products. Vaquerizo decides to start the debate by defining the role of Takana, a company that helps to expand and develop company projects. « Takana was born to provide solutions to brands and manufacturers, to work in a place as competitive as marketplaces «.

The Ceo of Habitant, for His Part, Has Introduced Himself

Talking about the advantages of a marketplace, and he has done so by comparing this space with the street where people walk: ” Marketplaces are those types of streets that receive a lot of traffic , for therefore it is an important place where we can have products to sell to the greatest number of people».

Sergio Martín continued with his round of questions to the participants of the meeting, this time with Hernán Gimeno, who gave way to comment on the place to direct the point of view: « Amazon and AliExpress lead the international market, but focusing on them means staying short ,” he explains. In fact, the expert acknowledges that they have investigated this sector and it is important to take into account the marketplaces that have been born from niches, recommended to specialize in a specific sector.

Javier Piedrahita has investigated further into the matter until delving into the keys. According to the CEO of MarketingDirecto. The reason for choosing one marketplace or another is in the guarantee, since it is what gives the client security. And is that, does the brand keep the reputation of that marketplace? The answer has been commented by Mariano Silveyra. We are in a complex world, all service providers have to be clear about where to build and add value. There are things that we have to improve and in the end we are late. In addition, the Cabify representative supports the idea. That marketplaces are a good tool since they have a guaranteed investment and a large number of guaranteed traffic.

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