The first task for a researcher who wants to do a French Business Fax List good job is reading. Even before choosing the research topic, reading is essential to keep up to date with new and current French Business Fax List topics. Reading impact magazines (JCR, Scopus) or conference proceedings can offer an overview of the studies that are being developed in our field of research and help us to identify problems that can be addressed. French Business Fax List Furthermore, once the research topic has been chosen, it is necessary to carry out a literature review to support our work. “If I have been able to see further it has been because I have climbed on the shoulders of giants” as French Business Fax List Newton said. It is important to start with what has already been done and studied in order to go further.

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This bibliographic review will help us to determine what is studied versus what is not, to obtain different points of view on the same subject, to acquire specific and French Business Fax List technical vocabulary, to know different methodologies to approach the object of study, to become familiar with different techniques and to assess the results obtained in other works and contrast them. In this French Business Fax List way, we must, first of all, identify the topics of our research in order to properly carry out a search (see the entry on search by topics ), opting for the works published in top-level journals and, from there, go descending. Normally, some articles French Business Fax List will lead us to others from their appointments and we will be able to get to know a

French Business Fax List

broad panorama of the research topic. Be original (to communicate the result of an investigation for the first time, since this main purpose is to share the results obtained, through the French Business Fax List investigation carried out, with the scientific community so that they can be known and contrasted), and bring something new to the subject area it deals with. – The results must be valid and reliable, as they must be written in French Business Fax List clear and precise language (they must clearly state all the information necessary to reproduce the results that have been found). – And use a methodology with scientifically valid instruments and procedures French Business Fax List regardless of whether it is qualitative, quantitative or mixed.

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