are currently proprietary and only accessible from individual Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List or collective subscriptions (this is the case of Universities or research centers). Second, and in progressive growth, is the Scopus database, which has two large independent indexers with differentiated results: CiteScore and SJR (Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List Journal Ranking), both with a public profile and accessible from any Internet connection: Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List The digitization of information involves more complexity than the simple transfer of data between paper and screen. As a result of this complexity , metadata, descriptive labels are born , a continuation of the cataloging tradition , whose objective is the standardized description of documents in order for them to be Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List registered and easily integrated into large data sets and yet recoverable according

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to their formal characteristics and of content. What does this mean? Well, Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List something easy, that relevant electronic documents , such as scientific articles, must have assigned tags Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List that describe them , title tags , name of the authors , subject or the medium in which they are published, among others. Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List Currently there are different technologies that make the descriptive markup of electronic documents possible, highlighting for its greater use the XML format (more generic), the RDF data model or the Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List specific Dublin Core metadata model (metadata model based on XML and RDF).

Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List

In the context of scientific articles , good journals introduce meta-tags at the time of the creation of the works, the layout of the pdf or other formats. This allows bibliographic Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List management databases such as Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar , to uniquely identify documents and to register and describe them correctly . Likewise, meta-tags allow bibliographic reference managers such Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List as Mendeley, Zotero or Refworks to import the data of the documents that are stored in them automatically without the need to describe the documents, as long as the meta-tags are correct and complete. Therefore, Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List in the context of digital documentation , the development of meta-tags is essential

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