Do you know what position Spain occupies in the ranking of countries where more podcasts are consumed? According to the IAB study on Digital Audio , our country is in first place. And to give this news a boost , t2ó has launched a new episode of its podcast «Digital Talks by t2ó». The objective of this month is to give context to the topic and understand the reason for the boom in audio content.

This new episode not only talks about the rise of the podcast, but also about audiobooks and user behavior with these revolutionary formats. A meeting in which Juan Baixeras, Country Manager in Spain of Audible , the leading Amazon company in the audiobook and podcast service, participated.

The Episode Begins with The Booming Trend

Of online audio and how Spain has been at the top of the listening ranking for this type of format for years. Baixeras assures that this phenomenon is due to the fact that our country has always been predisposed to the world of audio and Sweden WhatsApp Number List that has meant that, together, we have managed to create a very robust and healthy industry. Also, with the help of technology and new devices, this trend becomes more comfortable by carrying audio in our own pocket.

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One of The Great Advantages of This Format

Is its multitasking capacity, since you can do other tasks while listening to the recorded content. In addition, it is not necessary to be at a specific time. But you can play it at the time you choose. This feature, as Baixeras points out. This means that today the quality of the audio entertainment offer in Spain arrives at a very optimal moment. We, at Audible, since we launched our first service for Spain. Have been seeing a very significant reception. Taking into account our offer designed for this type of public, that is, very local”.

As for the consumer, what kind of profile are we facing? Baixeras recognizes that there are two areas. On the one hand, the audiobook consumer. And on the other, the podcast consumer. The former is characterize by an interest in fiction. Not counting children’s and youth books. Instead, the podcast user is characterized by an interest in humor and black novels.

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