According to a recent study carried out by the consulting firm Deloitte on trends in marketing departments in 2021 , 57% of the CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) surveyed admit having increased their presence on virtual platforms to better meet the needs of customers, as well as 49% say they have significantly increased the creation of virtual events, which translates into a significant increase in subscriptions to communication and meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or GoToMeeting.

Company Purchasing and Subscription Management Process Is Vital

Although the use of these c level executives list platforms makes it possible to improve the relationship with the client and establish a closer connection, it also entails a greater volume of invoice management for the marketing and accounting departments derived from these recurring payments, which are added to other famous business purchases and subscriptions, such as design and publishing programs, press release publishing, social media management platforms, or Adwords campaigns.

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But that is not all. Many departments continue to share corporate cards to make company purchases, so the process becomes complicated from the moment of making the payment, turning this task into a much more stressful and complicated issue, both for the marketing area itself and for the accounting area.

One of These Solutions Is Ficufy

In order to automate and manage the entire cycle of company purchases. And subscriptions much more efficiently, companies can opt for innovative solutions. That allows them not only to simplify the payment process. But also to considerably reduce administrative time. Giving the company of control and visibility in real-time of each one of the purchases.

Management software to pay and manage all company purchases and subscriptions, which allows the company to put an end to unauthorized purchases or budget excesses, simplifying and digitizing the management flow.

How to automate the management of company purchases and subscriptions
Ficufy is a cloud solution that generates a single-use virtual card for each approved purchase request. Which, in addition to increasing the security of online payments, prevents employees from having to continue sharing corporate cards. Something very similar happens with recurring payments. Ficufy issues a virtual card for each approved monthly or annual subscription. And, from its APP, the user can activate. Pause or cancel the subscription with a single click, which prevents the company from charges unexpected due to forgotten subscriptions.

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