Who is the page intended for. Is it consistent with the company’s image. What impression does the customer care about. After that, These are just some of the key questions that a graphic designer must ask before starting the actual work. This stage is extremely important. The success of the entire project depends on the exact knowledge of the client’s needs. The next task facing a web designer is to create a preliminary website design. But also to the technical requirements of the website. That’s why computer graphicsthey must have basic knowledge of programming. After that, Or be in constant contact with IT specialists. The initial design, although it is not the final version of the graphic design.

Should be functional and accurately reflect

Should be functional and accurately reflect the colors and fronts that we want to show to the client. However, even the best initial design is not everything. The Illustrator Art Work concept created by us must suit the client. That is why the next stage of work on the graphic concept is to show it to the client. This is the perfect time for any kind of comments or corrections. It is also the time of confronting the client’s ideas and graphics with the actual appearance of the website . As we mentioned at the beginning, the graphic concept is not only the appearance of the website. At the consultation stage, you should check the functionality of the website, its colors, contrast and quality of photos or graphics, especially if the latter play a key role on the client’s website.

Illustrator Art Work

Creating the concept and initial design

Creating the concept and initial design is the lion’s share of work on the graphic layer of the website. Above all, After consulting with the client, it’s time Singapore Lead to work on the final look of the website . At this point, you can’t forget about even the smallest attention of the client. Above all, Adjusting his expectations to the technical requirements of the website. It should be remembered that only the final approval of the final. Project is the culmination of work on the entire concept. However, this does not mean that the order is closed. The last stage of work is a technical check of the website focused on its graphic layer. Therefore, This cannot be taken lightly, because the appearance of the site. Is as important as the convenience of using the site. After that, The functional test allows us to check the quality of photos. And graphics, but above all. At shows whether the graphic solutions used do not affect the speed. Of loading important elements of the site.

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