An important online sales tool. Create a website and a blog Strategies to increase digital sales If your choice is social media. that’s fine. You have taken an important step to increase online sales. Now. if what you want is to give more weight to your brand reputation and security. you must create a website. and if you will use it to offer your products. it must be tailored to an e-commerce. It does not matter if you have created it with Joomla. Prestashop. Magento. Woocommerce or Shopify. in the end the important thing is that you will have a platform to sell your products. At the same time. one of the strategies to increase online sales is to create a blog to generate positioning.

This will help your content appear in the first results of Google. If you want to know how to achieve a good web positioning . and generate more visibility and sales. click on the link. Create a channel on YouTube 65% of Peruvians prefer to use YouTube to watch videos online. according to a study by the research agency Talk Shoppe. Even in a pandemic. the playback of YouTube videos from the television has increased by 90% since last year. I recommend that you have your own Youtube channel and upload your videos there. YouTube is a platform that positions itself very well because it belongs to Google. You can make videos of your company (institutional).

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In which the mission and vision of the Nepal whatsapp number list are described. You can also publish videos of your products or services through valuable content. Remember that the best sellers do not offer you the product. but rather what represents your need. Also. keep in mind to be brief. the percentage of people who watch a video in its entirety is small. If it’s a long video. people’s bounce rate skyrockets. create podcasts It is one of the strategies to increase online sales that is taking shape in recent years. Podcasts are a series of audio-recorded episodes streamed online. Soundcloud is one of the best social networks to create and publish podcasts.

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Then you can insert them into your blog articles and share them on your social networks. Make a PDF catalog If you have a large number of contacts on WhatsApp. then don’t miss the opportunity to design and create a catalog of your products in PDF and share them on this platform. This catalog must be published on your website so that people also have the possibility of downloading it. email marketing Strategy to increase online sales It is the strategy of sending a commercial message to a group of people through email. The objective of email marketing is to communicate promotions or present a new product or brand. It is an excellent loyalty and engagement generation tool.

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Now that you know these important strategies to increase online sales. I suggest you implement them little by little and in this way you will be able to generate that digital visibility so that customers can find you and learn about your products or services. Today we live in a technological maelstrom that has made digital marketing one of the main – if not the main – business sales force. Even the pandemic has catapulted the digital transformation to such high peaks that to try to scale them successfully. A share of experience. knowledge and an enormous desire to learn is needed. Precisely. this note deals with this last point and what better way to start 2022 by sharing 10 digital marketing books to delve into this interesting world. 10 digital marketing books 1. SEO.

Essential Keys. by Aleyda Solís Aleyda Solís is a renowned international SEO consultant with extensive experience in positioning campaigns. SEO. or organic search engine optimization. is one of the strategies that provide a very important competitive advantage. The book aims to answer questions about how to start an SEO optimization process and its different phases. As well as the execution of monitoring the results and making decisions based on them. You can purchase the book here . 2. Digital Marketing Strategies. by Fernando Maciá Fernando Maciá is director of the online marketing consultancy Human Level.

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