God of War: Ragnarok started “a little later.” so the decision was made to move the game’s release to 2022 to ensure that be “the amazing God of War title we all want.” So we currently have two huge. narrative-driven games in development: Horizon Forbidden West and the upcoming God of War . And. in both cases. they are frankly affected by access to motion capture and talent.” said Hulst. “In the case of Horizon. we believe we are well on our way to launching it this year-end. However. it is not yet certain and we are working hard to confirm it as soon as possible.” he added. “In the case of God of War .

The project started a bit later. So we decided to delay that game until next year to make sure Santa Monica Studio can deliver the amazing God of War game we all want to play.” Santa Monica Studio shared a similar message on Twitter . thanking fans for the amount of love “our community has shown us since the teaser for the upcoming God of War aired last year.” However. the studio wants to provide an amazing experience for its players without sacrificing team safety and well-being. so delaying the game was the best option to achieve both. “We remain focused on delivering high-quality gameplay while maintaining the safety and well-being of our team.

With This In Mind

We made the decision to change our Guatemala whatsapp number list  window to 2022.” Santa Monica Studio wrote. Hulst went on to explain how important it is that Sony doesn’t abandon the more than 110 million players with PS4 . but also talked about how very important it is to have “masterpieces for PS5 “. “You can’t establish a community of over 110 million PS4 owners and then just drop it. can you? I think it would be bad news for PS4 fans and. frankly. lousy business.” “When it makes sense to develop a title for both PS4 and PS5 (such as Horizon Forbidden West. the upcoming God of War. GT7). we will continue to consider it. If PS4 owners want to play that game.


They will be able to. If they want to go and play the PS5 version. they can do that too.” Permanent innovation is the best way to maintain a current brand; and McDonalds knows it. For this reason. as part of its marketing strategy of seeking to always be at the forefront. the American brand decided to test a new way of ordering in 10 restaurants in the city of Chicago . It is the artificial intelligence application to detect the voice of people in orders from cars. Employees do not participate in the interaction (none). but everything is done automatically.

From The Cars

Customers place orders through an application that analyzes the voice and a computer “translates” the request to trigger the preparation in the McDonald’s kitchen. The technology to be able to “translate” orders by voice was achieved by McDonalds when it bought the startup Apprente in 2019. McDonalds and its strategy According to the company. The technology is more than 85 percent accurate. In addition. in these stores. 80 percent of the orders made this way. That’s right. only a fifth of the orders still have to be manage through employees at those points of sale. But the idea is to be able to lower that proportion even more.

What will happen to them? It’s an unknown The modernization of McDonald’s restaurants began a long time ago. Always with the aim of improving the customer experience and reducing human resource costs. The purchase of Apprente had that mission: acquire artificial intelligence software to receive and process orders in self-service stores. And it seems that he is succeeding. The idea. for now. is to continue in these 10 Chicago locations and extend it to other places. According to McDonalds. they must first test that everything works perfectly.

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