The lack of optimization in the checkout is one of the main challenges that the big firms and marketplaces of the moment have to face. And it is that the customer finds it increasingly difficult to consider a purchase closed. Something, unfortunately, quite logical, since the current frenetic consumption habits and competitive prices fill the customer with excessive stimuli.

Without going any further, the almighty Amazon offers some rather discouraging data in this regard. And that is that almost 70% of users who add a product to the shopping cart end up abandoning it.

Design a One-Page Checkout for Your Online Store

To alleviate this situation, we have prepared a brief guide with 5 infallible practices. Which to reduce leaks and increase billing at the end of the month. Getting to a good port is complicated when the route to follow is vague. Exactly the same thing free email contacts database happens in the eCommerce field, we must minimize that friction that inevitably distances the buyer from the conversion.

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In this sense, the latest and most successful trend is to concentrate all the steps. You should only take one thing into account, and that is that. And the information has been correctly synthesized. It is also possible that the opposite is the case. A poor approach to the structure ends up further aggravating.

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