a protocol in the use of quotation marks. The Modern Netherlands Phone Number List Language Association (MLA), and Chicago styles attribute the use of quotation marks in periodicals, both in the title of the document. MLA: Netherlands Phone Number List -Gutiérrez, Enrique, and José-María Díaz-Netherlands Phone Number List . “Ubiquitous Learning Ecologies for Critical Cyber ​​Citizenship.” Communicate: Scientific Journal of Communication and Education . Chicago: Díez-Gutiérrez, Enrique, and José-María Díaz-Nafría. “Ubiquitous Learning Ecologies for Netherlands Phone Number List Critical Cyber ​​Citizenship.” Communicate: Scientific Journal of Communication and.

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Third, quotation marks can be evidenced in neologisms, words and phrases that could have an alternative conceptualization or that in turn are based on highly technical terminology Netherlands Phone Number List within the academic environment. Regarding this premise, article number 25 (2005) of Netherlands Phone Number List : The Report of the «Committee of wise men»: bases for a quality television, refers «Committee of wise men» to a group of technical experts for the management and financing of the public media. Now, Netherlands Phone Number List Proposals for «e-orientation» for intercultural education, «e-orientation» is conceived as a specialized terminology in education and pedagogy.

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Finally, when the words used are from another language and their Netherlands Phone Number List literal translation could affect the meaning that the author intends to assign and in some way decontextualize the meaning of the publication, the word can be used in that language and between Netherlands Phone Number List quotation marks. In the article: “Teenagers” television phenomena: adolescent prototypes in series seen in Spain by Netherlands Phone Number List 33 (2009), although “teenagers” could be translated as teenagers, in this case, as it is treated under US media circumstances and that globalization itself has conferred said term giving it a worldwide recognition, then, the most effective thing would be to keep it intact and without

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