Data orchestration CDPs like Tealium allow you to create an accessible and enriched real-time unified customer profile at every customer interaction from any channel, without changing existing technology but connecting it.

Key factors for choosing a CDP: Easy integration with third party systems. real-time capabilities. Generation of multi-channel audiences/segments. Privacy as a priority. Client identity resolution technology. Agility and scalability.

What is the greatest value that only a Tealium CDP can bring?

Tealium’s CDP and its agile implementation methodology is a proven solution, also with clients in Spain. Our first CDP implementations are in 2015. Tealium’s positioning is agnostic, as it provides more than 1300 connectors in real time with arubaemail Martech solutions, which allows companies to have ownership of their customer data, avoid vendor lock- in and limit its dependencies with the Walled Garden.

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Which companies would benefit from a Tealium CDP?

Any company whose objective is to accelerate its multi-channel personalization strategy with its current marketing stack, and through ‘quick wins’, obtain returns from the implementation of the CDP in less than a year. Our platform is designed for the collection, standardization, transformation, enrichment, and activation of customer data in true real-time (milliseconds). It will make all the difference when it comes to cross-channel personalization.

With all the changes taking place in data privacy and the loss of third-party cookies, what essential components should be on companies’ MarTech roadmaps? These changes are leading companies to shift their cookie-based media and analytics strategies toward first-party data. CDPs are an essential component at Martech in this new context. Other essential components: server-to-server connection capacity to benefit from Walled Gardens like Google or Facebook, partnership with ID providers, biometric recognition technologies, and a lot of flexibility for a new context that is still uncertain.

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