A time is coming when we all strive to connect with those we care about, and this includes our relationship with employees. Having a detail with them is very important to maintain the loyalty of the staff.

Thus, having a catalog of promotional gifts for companies helps to organize this task and satisfy employees. Gone is the idea of ​​giving away a mug or corporate stationery . It is time to be original and give the employee something that they really value. These are just some examples of business gifts that you can take advantage of for these holidays.

What Better Time to Do It than During Christmas?

Digital frames for photos. It’s the best way to keep memories of vacations or family reunions in mind, all in one photo frame! It is an ideal gift for employees who are already returning to their offices and want to have a good family memory in their Vietnam phone workspace. Christmas sweaters. Every Christmas that passes, the typical colorful sweaters with Christmas motifs such as reindeer, elves or socks become more fashionable. Undoubtedly, an original and fun gift for employees to show off at their family gatherings.

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Gloves, hats and scarves. These types of garments are very useful at this time of year, so it would be a good option to give away gloves, hats and scarves with the company logo.
Personalized advent calendars. It is a good way to satisfy employees and also to have a nice memory of the company they work for every day.

Electronic Bracelets and Ecological Bottles for Athletes

Christmas also translates into an excess of food and drink, so gifts to help start sports or gym routines will always be greatly appreciated. Scented candles. At Christmas we spend more time at home with the family, and what better way to make the stay more welcoming than with a sample of aromatic candles?

Headphones with your brand. In the age of podcast and audiobooks, headphones are the one to hit.
Small appliances. A coffee maker, a kitchen robot or an automatic vacuum cleaner are gift options that will make life easier for employees. Experience packs. A day of skiing or a relaxing day at a spa are different plans for Christmas but they can be very attractive. And much more if it is the company that gives away packs of experience with this type of activity.

Confectionery material. Christmas is often related to food, and a good plan, which also allows the little ones in the house to be involved, is to make cookies, cupcakes or cakes that can be enjoyed at a Christmas lunch or dinner with the family. Molds, rods or rollers are some of the utensils that are necessary for any preparation and that cannot be missing in a gift kit. Although finding the perfect gift can be complicated, one of the keys to achieving it, or getting closer to it, is that the gift is linked to the brand and company , and of course, that it fits with the tastes and preferences of the employees.

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