There are so many different series, movies, documentaries and styles in general on Netflix. That more times than we would like we find ourselves browsing the platform aimlessly for minutes. The multitude of options, contrary to what we might think. Does not help us, but leads us to a state of inability to make decisions that can lead us. To watch the most boring fiction of our lives.

Netflix wants to change that and help us in our purpose of having dinner watching something or entertaining ourselves after a hard day’s work with the “Play something” mode (“reproduce something” in Spanish). The goal of this new shuffle feature is to speed up the search process when we don’t have a clear intention.

Netflix’s “play Something” Mode Feature

In this way, when a user selects that button, they will instantly find series and movies based on what they have previously consumed. In the event that what is selected does not convince him, he will be able to give it again. The platform can also open an audiovisual Jamaica B2B list of work that is already being seen, that is on the pending list or those that were never finished.

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The goal is to make the process as simple as possible. For this reason, the button will be in multiple places, both below the profile name, in the navigation menu on the left of the screen and in the tenth row of the Netflix home page.

“There are times when you don’t want to make decisions. A Friday afternoon after a long week of work. A fridge full of food but nothing catches your eye. A family movie night in which nobody agrees », describes the company. “Whenever you find a new story, let this be the one that finds you,” he says.

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