A good briefing, clear objectives and teams of people who, in addition to being good professionals, get along with each other. We at FLUOR are very supportive of having an almost friendly relationship with clients. We are in the same boat and success or failure is joint. This is very important for us.

How Is Fluor Lifestyle Different in This Regard?

At FLUOR we will always take extreme care in creating a great creative concept and a narrative that travels on different France WhatsApp Number List platforms. That is, in our opinion, what is truly powerful about commercial communication and our reason for being.

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Without something like that, it really doesn’t matter if you buy a lot of impacts. That is why we have always been an agency specialized in Branded Content and transmedia storytelling: it is what we do more and better, why we are almost always hired and why we have clients who have been with us since we were born and continue to trust us.

What Advice Would You Give to A Marketing and Advertising Final Year Student?

What skills do you need to enter the world of work? And to those who are already professionals with a long career? May you never stop learning. But not only advertising and marketing but also philosophy, history, literature… All disciplines, especially the humanities, will make you a better professional. Sure.

Personally, I created the first course in Spain on Transmedia storytelling and new narratives and also the first on Branded Content. Now I am the academic director of the Higher Course in Branded Content together with IAB Spain . Training has always been something very important for us : it makes us improve as people and as professionals and connects us to a lot of talent that would be very difficult to find in other ways.

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