In 2005 they did another study (3): a survey on the street. When they asked the passers-by if they wanted to cooperate, 75.6% of the people did (which I think is a lot already). When they asked with the addition that people were to for themselves whether they participated or refused, 90.1% of the people did. If we can choose for ourselves, we feel control Why is this influencing technique so effective? They are just a few words, yet they make a huge difference. The researchers think it’s because the resistance is literally taken away. In psychology we often speak of ‘reactance’ (1). If we have to do something , we will prance .

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We want to make our own decisions, have freedom of choice and maintain control over the situation. Just look at the corona situation. We have to do everything and we can’t do a lot of things. That is met with resistance. This is partly because we Arabia Phone Number no longer exercise control over a situation. Our choices are severely limited. Also read: The magic of the word ‘but’ Because you literally say with the BYAF technique that people can choose for themselves, the resistance immediately decreases without us having to think. As a result, we tack earlier.

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Because we have the feeling that we ourselves have decided to give away our change. Applications in marketing The first application I see for the BYAF technique is for beggars or street or door-to-door salespeople, who could raise so much more money if they put this research into practice. But you can also apply this technique in various marketing channels to test how they work for you. Think about emphasizing freedom of choice in your next marketing campaign, whether in an ad, blog or social media post! Researcher Pascual discovered in follow-up studies (4) that this influencing technique even works in email. And in so-called individual countries such as the Netherlands it works better than in countries where the community is more important, such as China (5). These words

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