With the aim of offering an overview of digital marketing in the retail sector, IAB Spain has presented the Digital Marketing Observatory of this industry. The audience profile, the advertising spot and investment, social networks, search engines and mobile applications are the aspects that have been analyzed.

It has been done with the collaboration of adjinn, Comscore, Epsilon Technologies, Microsoft Advertising and Smartme Analytics. In total, there are 12 categories that make up the retail sector: beauty, DIY / decoration & DIY, sports, electronics, e-retailers, department stores, toy stores, fashion, optics, restaurants, supermarkets/hypermarkets and travel.

The Profile of The Audience

Depending on the category, one profile or another predominates. For example, women stand out in beauty (76.1%), DIY / decoration & DIY (70.3%) and fashion (67.8%). The sports category leans slightly towards a male profile.

Advertising spot and investment
The fashion, supermarket/hypermarket and eRetail categories make up the podium for advertising spot and investment. If we focus specifically on phone number finder UAE advertising investment, supermarkets/hypermarkets rise to the top position. Then we find fashion and, in third place, eRetail.

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These results show the return to normality after the pandemic, with the increase in leaving our homes. On the other hand, the rise in eRetail denotes the rapid adoption of the digital environment caused by the health crisis. All this is leading brands to invest more and more in digital advertising, aware that this way they can communicate with more users.

Advertising Stain of The Retail Sector

Consumer confidence is growing again and e-commerce sales continue to be high. The increase is increasingly coming from new advertising formats, such as shopping ads and dynamic search ads. Restoration has grown by 83% compared to the same period of the previous year. KFC is the big winner , having achieved 50% of market interactions through a strategy based on humor and ‘shit posting’, which seeks to connect with Generation Z.

Another one that has risen has been DIY/decoration & DIY, with 23% more. This is due to the impulse of the ‘user generated content’, which has multiplied the interactions. Companies like Westwing, Leroy Merlin and Muy Mucho are leading the pack. Supermarkets/hypermarkets has increased by 7%. Within this category, Carrefour is the one that brings together 32% of the interactions . The one that has grown the most, however, is Aldi, with a 60% increase.

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