Platforms like Twitch and TikTok have come to revolutionize the media ecosystem and the ways of creating content. At the same time, influencer marketing has been spreading its tentacles to the point. What brands are on the lookout for the perfect influencer to help boost their advertising strategies? All this is what has led IAB Spain to present the 2022 Influence Marketing White Paper.

Who Is Considered an Influencer and Who Is Not?

In the chapter dedicated to Twitch, for example, some of its strengths are highlighted. Some of them would be its live format, the constant interaction of the community, the high engagement, the loyalty of the audience or the low italy b2b directory advertising saturation, apart from the fact that it is an accessible way to reach centennials and millennials.

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For its part, TikTok emphasizes the use of video, image and sound, but also participation and usability. Of course, when dealing with influencer marketing. A classification of the types of content creators by size could not be missing.

The IAB Spain Influencers Commission considers

that both profiles are content creators. The first case would correspond to the one with a volume of followers as a result of the acts shown on social networks. On the other hand, non-natives are those who did not become known in this way, but rather had a previous career that made them recognized.

Currently, neither European Union nor Spanish legislation regulates influencer marketing. However, the analysis of current advertising legislation in Spain makes it possible. To limit the legal framework applicable to this new advertising modality, as stated in the Book. At this point, it is necessary to keep in mind if the public is going to be clear that they are facing advertising and not a mere recommendation.

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