Vaquerizo has intervened again to explain to the public that everything is complementary and that it is not only necessary to think about having e-commerce or being in a marketplace. The point of view of the expert is that the more sites you are on, the greater chance of conversion you will have.

In addition, to be successful it is essential that the quality of the content you sell is adequate for the consumer. A point of view shared by Chamarro, who adds that the user looks for interesting and relevant information on a marketplace: ” The videos, the reviews… all this helps your content to be relevant and ready for conversion.”

Chamarro Also Shares the Idea of ​​doing Everything Fast and Running

On the other hand, Chamarro also shares the idea of ​​doing everything fast and running. “ How we develop our way of doing business is important. Then, when we are in any other transformation process, in any company, we are faced with the fear of change and the unknown, but we have to adopt these changes to slow down processes».

Vaquerizo’s solution to the problem of fear is to be alert from the moment we consider appearing in this type of space. « If you start with an exercise of Mexico B2B list investigation and anticipation of problems and reflect it in Excel, you avoid surprises. On the other hand, if you go with the idea that it is a wonderful world. And adjust the price based on that, the business is dismantled ».

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At this point, Silveyra agrees and states that resources should be focuse on adapting. Because operating in a marketplace is not for everyone. “ If you are not preparing, you have no right to be in there. It does not depend on the user. As soon as you have integrated, you will fly away and the answer is to think digitally. Which does not mean having a website, but offering the maximum value in all channels».

In this context, Piedrahita has put on the table a new twist to the debate. Can we not continue without marketplaces? To which Márquez has replied that in this space there is an incredible opportunity to search for niches. And puts creativity as a reference for white brands that sell in marketplaces. The doubt is that giants like Amazon can copy their products. But Vaquerizo explains that if this happens, it is because we have a large company that sells a lot.

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