The round table began with all these concepts as a base. Javier Piedrahita , CEO & Founder of MarketingDirecto has been in charge of moderating those present, Nuria Guix , Global B2C CRM Acquisition lead at BP; Carlos Fernández Guerra, Digital & Social Media Director at Iberdrola; Mercedes Villar , Chief Marketing Officer at Gana Energia; Susana Martín , Marketing Communication, Brand Digital & Customer Experience at Uponor; and Carlos Peña , presenter of this virtual event.

Iberdrola’s Representative Was the First to Speak

To explain that “everyone has their audience. There are audiences that have digital and commercial communication goals. But marketing automation is always an advantage .” In other words, also from Fernández, it is summed up in “being opportune, but not being heavy, not bothering and not tiring people”. Villar agrees with this point and adds: “Many times, when the client gets tired, you have to realize that a timely withdrawal is a victory.”

From Guix’s point of view, the problem is that “we are obses with understanding what that customer response is like. We don’t have a Haiti B2B list preference, we give him everything and what he wants him to take ». This opinion is refute by Fernández, because, according to what he says, “ people have to understand that it is not cheap to send things. The when and why is the key. If we forget and bring that added value, it would be better .”

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People Who Have Not Been Able to Do Things Offline Dedicate It to Digital

On the other hand, Fernández also adds that ” people who have not been able to do things offline dedicate it to digital “, actions that do not inspire confidence in the Iberdrola representative since “by making content at any price, an effort of imagination and rationality in use» . Villar shares this point of view, and explains that “we are the ones who have to be on top of it controlling and rationalizing these processes. We have to humanize them and be aware of who we are addressing.

Martín introduces himself at this point of the debate to provide a further vision. Where the client’s need and your own location are highlight. Here Peña also wanted to intervene to say: “Sometimes we forget and see marketing automation as a more sales-oriented tool. But you have to take into account if the goal is to attract customers or improve our value by the customer “.

Undoubtedly , customer loyalty is the goal of every brand. But you also have to know that not all customers are good for the brand. In this sense, common sense comes into play. “We are crazy because they pay attention to us so that they see that we are different, that we are worth it and that we are attractive as well as timely,” adds Fernández.

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