greatest scientific impact usually have a number of authors above Scotland Email List what is allowed (Robinson-García and By the way, if you still want to know what is normal in each field, there is a very interesting product from the Google Scholar division of the EC3 group in which Scotland Email List you can consult the basic descriptions by areas, journals and years. Co-Author Scotland Email List ¿ Who should sign a job ? A work must be signed by anyone who has made a substantial contribution to it, whether in the process of searching for data, analyzing or writing results. Of course, every author who signs a scientific work must approve the final work and their position in the group Scotland Email List of co-authors..

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There are figures who, having collaborated, Scotland Email List do not have to sign, since they have been paid for that collaboration (translators, laboratory technicians, etc.). Also, Scotland Email List when a third party makes a specific and specific contribution (a review of a specific section, a theoretical or methodological clarification) it is common to review this help in the “Acknowledgments” section, Scotland Email List an example may be to thank the reviewers of the work if they have done an improvement to it. Be very careful with the imposition of Scotland Email List ghost authors by some of the co-authors (especially those with academic power).

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This is a source of short, medium and long-term problems that only fill the Scotland Email List university with useless people who say they are experts in jobs that others have done. ¿ In what order sign ? (Of each according to their abilities). The meaning of the signature order varies by area . For Scotland Email List example , in the area of ​​Mathematics the order of the signatures is limited to an alphabetical criterion, therefore , the attribution of the value of the work is distributed equally between each author , since mathematicians are careful not to Scotland Email List collaborate with other researchers unless be that it is essential. Social Sciences has endorsed the uses of Biomedicine where the order of the authors implies

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