Content Irene Chinea Irene Chinea Jul 20, 2021 11:53:39 EST The first websites emerged in 1992. They were static pages, and could only be accessible to be modified through html code. In these websites, colors and images prevailed. They were intended to be flashy, but they didn’t care about usability and accessibility. If your company still does not have a presence on the web, an online showcase in which to present its products and services, or you simply have not renewed your image for too long, perhaps the time has come to create your website. What is a web page?

The document that is part of a website and that.  Usually has links (also known as hyperlinks or links) to facilitate navigation between. The contents Algeria whatsapp number list is as a web page . Web pages are with markup languages ​​such as HTML, which can by browsers . In this way, the pages can present information in different formats (text, images, sounds, videos, animations), be associated with style data or have interactive applications. Among the multiple characteristics that a web page has and that serve to identify it are the following.

It Has Textual Information

also audiovisual material, it is endowed with an attractive design, it is optimized and it acts as the business card of a company , a specific person or professional. Bearing this in mind, I am going to tell you about the most common types of websites that you can find browsing the Internet: Static web pages : are those in which the content displayed is informative and does not usually change. The user can barely influence it. It is a very basic type of web page, and in many cases it does not even have a database.

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Dynamic web pages : unlike the previous ones, dynamic web pages already add more movement: they are interactive and versatile. All the content can be according to the needs of the company and the users who visit it. Blogs : this type of page was born with a very clear objective: to show users up-to-date information of value. It could as an online newspaper in which news is regularly. Corporate websites : within business websites, the corporate website is usually one of the most chosen options.

Company Dumps All the Information

On this website, the it wants to transmit to the user. The objective pursued by this type of website is the branding of the brand and showing the user everything they offer (products or services), as well as their mission, vision and values. Online stores : so-called online stores or ecommerce are another type of website that you can find frequently and that focus on selling products or services to Internet users without the need for a physical store. Marketing and web design: your key to success. Click here to know the most important aspects of web design.

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