An expired domain name is a domain (website URL) that has not been renewed by a registrant, a natural or legal person who purchased the domain name from a registrar (company specializing in the registration of domain names on the Internet).

Concretely, it is therefore a site which, in the eyes of Google, has already been online (and received backlinks ). Then went offline due to the non-continuation of the reservation of the domain (which concretely called “expiration”).

Why Are Expire Domains Interesting in Natural Referencing?

Expired domain names have been popular with SEOs for several years now for many reasons, the first being that historically, Google has allowed domain names that it has known for longer to rank faster in search results. natural from its Nepal B2B list search engine. An expired domain name is therefore always of interest in referencing if it has a more or less solid base of quality backlinks and referring domains.

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Indeed, to position yourself more quickly in the search results of Google. Other search engines, an expired domain name with quality. Referring domains can help save you a few months of getting start. Depending on the quality and relevance of the referring domains and referring pages with respect. To the new theme that we want to target. Expired domains are therefore often real SEO growth accelerators for SEOs.

Another practical case of very common use in the French-speaking. International SEO community is to use these expired domains to push its “money site” as part of a PBN. This more advanced net linking strategy is very effective when well implemented. Especially with the integration of quality expired domains and in a theme close to the money site.

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