The big question that has been tried to answer in this virtual meeting is what the online consumer. Can expect today. For the Danone representative, the question is answered by fulfilling expectations rather than needs.  The online consumer expects a lot from us and we have to reach a very high level of marketing to offer each consumer. What they are looking for «. On the other hand, for the Leroy Merlin representative, the key is to recognize the value of what he does. Since currently the client does not do it and this tendency is observed, for example, in his refusal to pay shipping costs.

For Outbrain, the companies that have made the effort to move from the physical to the digital showroom are the companies that have the most traction . “You have to touch the products and those companies that have transferred that experience offline to online have more important growth,” says Amieva.

Nestlé Offers Another Point of View

On the other hand, Nestlé offers another point of view, and that is that transferring an experience to the digital format is not easy at all. « We have been investing in recipes for a long time because we have discovered that a high percentage of people Syria B2B list who search for recipes on the internet buy the same ingredients as the recipe itself «. The Nestlé representative has shared her experience of collaborating with cooking blogs and specialized influencers to give value to her brand products.

Email Database

On the other hand, from the point of view of The Fork, the company has focused on reviews. As they are the basis of its web portal. « What makes our client loyal is the review, in addition to the photographs. Every restaurant has to have photos because it affects the conversion rate and improves its credibility. In this sense, we make an effort and go to the restaurant itself to take photographs, although we also feed on those of our clients. We bet on the content and it is what we put the most affection and love to.

The New Paradigm of Communication

Ibai Llanos, among other influencers, have revolutionized the world of communication. In this new stage, it is the content creators who take the audience. As Leroy Merlin assures, to go against this trend is to enter into a losing battle. 70% of brand interactions are made with general content by the user himself. We can aspire to control a small part of that conversation. But we can also take advantage of it to sell a product from a different point of view”, explains Herranz.

The example of Nestlé has focused on its successful campaign for the reissue of Nestlé Jungly. Ibai has already been part of the campaign. It is a super nice example because it does talk about creating a community with influencers. For things that we don’t like also worth “.

On the other hand, it should be noted that all this communication has a new purpose: loyalty . In fact, according to Raventos, competition is good for us all. “We must have a personalized service and then have experiences taking advantage of our channel. This competition makes us squeeze to meet the expectations of our customers “. Meanwhile, from Outbrain they assure that they would go one step further because. This trust is to see how we make people go to the store.

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