This collaboration strengthens our growth strategy in the Spanish market, focused on increasing our channels and services with leading companies in the market. You are pioneers in integrating e-commerce into an audiovisual content platform. How has the audience received this idea? Do you think there will be confusion among your consumers?

We See Great Interest from Users

The traffic obtained since the launch to the Rakuten Living app demonstrates the good reception. Now we continue working on offering the best czech republic telephone numbers content and exclusivities so that it is the reference when looking for an event or experience of any kind.

Czech-Republic Phone Number List

In addition, you have opted for voice assistants to include them in this new platform. Do you think that the potential of these tools is not being fully exploited by digital companies? One of Rakuten’s strengths is our flexibility and agility in adapting to new technologies. From the beginning we sought to develop an interface that allows the best possible user experience. You have to think that the moment the user navigates through it, they are on the sofa and if they have an Aura device, they can navigate more comfortably using their voice.

What They Were Before the Pandemic?

We have all adapted to the situation and event organizers have too. In our Living App, we not only have online events, there are also face-to-face events; concerts, tours, cooking classes and much more. To continue offering these experiences, the organizers have taken the necessary security measures and have set up new spaces to comply with the new regulations. If it will be like before, we still don’t know, but we see that there are new options and that the desire of the attendees is still there.

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