Amazon ‘s advertising business is going from strength to strength, although it is still lagging behind the undisputed leaders in the universe of online advertising. Google and Facebook. Even so, the e-commerce giant starts with an important advantage in this market with respect to its competitors: few know better than Amazon whether or not an ad leads to a purchase.

When the World Wasn’t Missing a Beat

This summer, when the world wasn’t missing a beat on Jeff Bezos’s space adventure , many forgot that Amazon had a much more earthly challenge in front of it. And it is that the e-commerce business seems close to reaching its track mexico phone number limits (it seems not infinite) of growth. Gone are the darkest months of the pandemic in which people gambled everything on the card of online shopping.

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Fortunately, and given so few rosy prospects, it’s extraordinarily positive that Amazon is much more than a retailer. AWS, the “cloud” division of the company currently led by Andy Jassy. ​​Is currently Amazon’s most profitable business, which also increasingly fills its coffers through advertising. The advertising revenues of the multinational climbed 87% during the second quarter of the year.

Amazon Steals Market Share from Google and Facebook

Amazon does not stop biting the duopoly formed by Google and Facebook and currently brings together 11% of the digital advertising market in the United States. Google, for its part, gobbles up 29% of that markup and Facebook has a 25% share to its credit.

Advertisers particularly like Amazon’s advertising platform for the exceptional accuracy of the metrics it brings to the table. With more than 300 million active users in every corner of the planet. Amazon knows much better than Google and Facebook when an ad does or does not translate into a transaction.

An advertiser who trusts Amazon’s advertising platform can be relatively confident. That their ads will not continue to persecute someone who has long since purchased. The promoted product. At a time when media budgets are getting tighter. Third-party cookies are about to expire, CMOs prefer to spend the money they spend on advertising. On channels where profitability is particularly high, such as Amazon.

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