2021 is coming to an end and, as usual, the compilations of what has happened throughout this year are beginning to arrive. One of the companies that adds to looking back is Google . The tech giant has reviewed its browser search trends over the past 12 months.

Those Related to Sports Have Risen

But not all of them have to do with football in this year’s Olympic Games. Mbappe, Eriksen, Rafa Nadal, Ana Peleteiro or Simone Biles are some of the how to track cell phone numbers in the Philippines athletes who appear on the list of the most searched on Google in relation to the sports world.

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Of course, current events are not lacking in this classification, with “Volcán La Palma” or “why does a volcano erupt” at the head of growth within the information search terms. On this occasion it seems that the interest in the coronavirus is subsiding since it seems that we have only wanted to know details such as: “when do I have to get vaccinated” and “why does my arm hurt with the vaccine”.

Entertainment Continues to Be Vital in Our Lives

As shown by the results of the most searched in Google 2021. An example of this is our interest in ” Tokyvideo “, to know what happened in “Survivors” or to join the fever of ” The Squid Game”, “Secret Story”, “The Last Temptation”, “Mask Singer” or “The Bridgertons”, in terms of cinema, television and series.

Lastly, curiosity is a common human trait, which is why we turned to Google to uncover insights. Some of the terms that have grown the most have been “what is the name of Thor’s hammer”, “how does a giraffe sleep”, “how do I know if I am delinquent” or “why do cats purr”.

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