After an intense debate with marketing, advertising and eSports experts in the latest episode of La Noche MD, MarketingDirecto once again addressed the fascination of brands for creators in a new installment of this innovative space in Clubhouse. On this occasion, the conversation focused on platforms that are giving a lot to talk about and that offer users and brands great opportunities to create valuable content, such as TikTok and Twitch.

This room was joined by professionals such as Pedro Ricote , CEO at Well Played Brands and co-founder of Kaesura; Ismael El-Qudsi , CEO of Socialpubli and Internet República; Fátima Martínez , communication, marketing and advertising consultant; and Fabienne Fourquet , CEO of 2btube. Majé López , dream manager and communication expert; Sergio Martín , journalist for RTVE; and Javier Piedrahita , CEO and Founder of MarketingDirecto., were in charge of moderating the session.

Javier Piedrahita and Part of The Guests

On this episode connected with La Noche MD from Formentera20 , the reference event focused on the digital environment that was held from May 27 to 30 in Formentera.

How could it be otherwise, one of the first topics discussed in the room was the success of “The Evening of the Year” boxing organized last Pakistan WhatsApp Number List by Ibai Llanos, the fashion streamer. For Piedrahita, creators are “the great envy of brands.” “The audience these influencers have is tremendous. Ibai is the example », he assured. The goal is for brands to find the formula that also manages to attract as many people with good content. “Instead of chasing audiences, let them come to us,” he noted.

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Llanos gathered a million viewers on Twitch . “It is so difficult to get a million viewers, not only in the field of social networks, but also on general television,” Sergio Martín recalled.

Spain Operations Lead at TikTok

Who connected from Formentera, gave two tips for brands. Creativity is the most important thing in TikTok. Being able to get out of your comfort zone to have a cutting-edge content strategy. And second rely purely on the creators , who are the content experts and understand the communication codes,”. He advised. One of the most important creatives on the national scene, Mónica Moro , was also able to connect from the event to give a glimpse of her presentation on hatred of advertising. “One hates and because he hates things he loves others,” she assured.

“Whoever doesn’t understand that Ibai’s yesterday worked is because he has a blindfold or prefers to look the other way,” said Pedro Ricote about the streamer’s event on Twitch. «Ibai makes a four-hour multi-camera production , he has the people from Pantomime Full, he invites all the internet celebrities, who did PCRs. Before each evening there were concerts, there was Jaime Ugarte, a lifelong boxing commentator, and he bothers to make an intergenerational connection. Four hours of streaming and he doesn’t beat TheGrefg, who holds the record, by a miracle,” he explained.

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